Ten on Tuesday: 10 Mittens/Mitts You Want To Knit.

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Mittens/Mitts You Want To Knit.

Only ten?! Well, I’ll try

Nb: links are non-Ravelry where possible, but if they are, I’ve denoted it with an (R). I’ve also included if the pattern is free or to buy.
  1. Fallberry Mitts by Anne Hanson from Winter 2011 Knitty. I love the cable-like stitch pattern, and they have a proper (shaped) thumb [FREE]
  2. Knitting is in my DNA by Celia Jones. NERD ALERT! I love how the DNA pattern twists around back of the hand. [$5]
  3. Hippocampus (R) by torirot designs. Seahorses, on mittens. What’s not to like?! [FREE]
  4. Cabled Snowman Mittens (R) by Jean Gifford. Complely adorable cable pattern. [FREE]
  5. Bubbles (R) by Sara Peterson. Colourwork full mittens with afterthought thumbs. [$5.50]
  6. FrankenMitts (R) by Severina. Colourwork flip-top mittens. [FREE]
  7. Chevalier Mittens by Mari Muinonen / tikru. Incredibly intricate cabled/travelling stitch mittens [FREE]
  8. Pirate Mittens (R) by Adrian Bizilia Colourwork skulls! I’d love to do a matching set of mittens and socks from this pattern! [FREE]
  9. Green Autumn (Druid Mittens) by Jared Flood from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2008. [$5 via the Vogue Knitting online shop]
  10. Knucks by Pamela Grossman from Knitty Summer 2006. A great basic pattern with lots of room for customising! [FREE]

And if you’ve read this far you get the reward of a picture of the yarn I bought today.

L: cheapo acrylic. R: cheapo wool and acrylic

Hardly breaking the bank but I’m hoping this will be pressed into immediate service as a design I’ve been working on.

One thought on “Ten on Tuesday: 10 Mittens/Mitts You Want To Knit.

  1. Those snowman mittens are so cute and the colourwork in the others is so lovely.
    Always a good move to knit with new wool before it gets hidden in the depths of the stash.


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