9 days to go/WIP Wednesday

9 days to go/WIP Wednesday

Not only have I managed a blog post every day of the month (so far) but I’ve also kept up with my “health” diary. I started the latter because I wanted a way to track symptoms, both physical and mental. You know what it’s like seeing a doctor;
GP: “And how often has that occurred?”
Me: “Erm…..?”
I’m not looking back at previous entries. At the end of each day, I turning the page, write tomorrow’s date on it and move on. It sounds so simple but it’s really helping me to leave the gripes, frustrations and pain behind.
Now, on to the knitting part of this post.

Cria is now at the hip-flare-increase stage:

And the Moody stockings (named for Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter), are both completed up to the end of clue 3:

For the uninitiated, WIP stands for Work In Progress and it’s used widely in the crafting community. As is UFO (UnFinished Object) and FO (Finished Object). Most crafters seem to have way more WIPs and UFOs than FOs; I know I do!

2 thoughts on “9 days to go/WIP Wednesday

  1. I have kept an on and off health diary this year too. It is a very helpful and interesting process. I don’t look at it until I need to know how I’ve been when I visit the doctor.


    1. My mum told her friend about the diary I’d been keeping and she said “Oooohhh…. what a good idea!”. I’ve not been able to keep a diary for more than a month previously, but it’s a diary with a purpose.


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