Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things For Which You Are Thankful.

Although we don’t have Thanksgiving of any kind here on the sceptred isle, I thought I could join in with this week’s Ten on Tuesday.

  1. The British Weather. We may moan about it a lot, but very rarely are two consecutive days the same. And my brother, now residing in north Kentucky, misses the rain!
  2. The internet. Without it, I wouldn’t have discovered you (yes you!), and some nice people as well 😉 Thank you Al Gore! (joke, obv.)
  3. The NHS (this is not the place for political wank, so don’t start)
  4. A roof over my head and plentiful food to eat
  5. A fairly decent (and fairly safe) local public transportation system
  6. Not living in an active war zone (my heart aches for those who do, especially those places not deemed “sexy” enough for news coverage which are usually in Africa).
  7. What good health I do have (sight, hearing, mostly good manual dexterity) which allows be to participate in my hobbies
  8. My mum’s almost endless patience
  9. Basset’s Licorice Allsorts.
  10. Grumpy Cat


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