FO: Autumn Glow socks

I’m pretty sure these are the first socks with cables on them that I’ve managed to complete! This is a nice pattern that’s just complicated enough to keep my interest but not so tricky that I could only work on it in total silence. This yarn is really lovely and the gold sparkles really shine through! It’s dyed using walnut shells (not something I’ve come across before) and you could tell because there were still some pieces in the fibre!

Pattern: Autumn Glow (131-44 Socks with lace pattern in Fabel) by DROPS design team

Yarn and needles: Illoominated YarnsFeldspar base in Minnesota Walnut colour. 0.83 skeins = 363.5 yards (332.4m) used. 2.25 mm long circular needle for magic loop

Dates: 1st – 18th October 2012

Notes and modifications:

  • SKA October 2012. Challenge: Seasonal Sock pattern (Autumn)
  • Re-charted pattern to more familiar symbols.
  • Changed the 4-round cable to a 5-round cable to better fit in with the lace pattern.
  • Knit toe-up, two-at-a-time.
  • Worked heel flap in rib and carried it up the back of the sock.
  • Toe-up heel-flap-and-gusset taken from a WendyKnits pattern.

7 thoughts on “FO: Autumn Glow socks

  1. Walnuts husks have a very strong dye, especially black walnuts (which are only barely edible) but have properties of being able to kill fungus

    didn’t you really want to know that? lol!



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