Hand winding laceweight?

Hand winding laceweight?


Clearly, I have gone crackers.

10 thoughts on “Hand winding laceweight?

  1. You are just like me. I have a ball winder and a swift ( and I even know exactly where they are) but i regularly hand wind all my yarns ( mostly laceweight) with the skein wrapped around my knees – why???


    1. It was only about an hour and a half, which I think it’s too bad! Certainly cheaper than buying a large ball-winder (which is why I was hand-winding) 😀


  2. I hand wind a lot (tho not laceweight!) because I’m too lazy to set up the swift and ballwinder. It’s easier to put it over your knees and wind while watching a movie or something. Can’t wait to see what you make with this.


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