Thursday Night Fever

Thursday Night Fever

At least this time I have a good/scary reason for being absent from my blog.

Last time, you may remember me saying I had a cold. Well, it turned out that it was ‘flu and much worse that I’d first realised. As is my want, I over did it trying to get better and I basically cooked my brain.

I didn’t realise just how ill I was and kept pushing myself. This meant that late one night, about a week and a half ago while I was watching a movie (Perfume, for the sake of posterity), I became convinced that I could see my place in the universe, both in space and time, and that my life was meaningless.

All of my pain, and my fears and those of my family meant nought in the  greater scheme of things.

Not only that, but I had been given this information by a force or forces unknown, and that I could “see beneath the veil”. I began to wonder why I had been given this ability and that I can’t have been the only one to experience this “revelation”.

All of this came to a head on Thursday when I went out shopping. Walking to the supermarket, I started to see the pavement (sidewalk) “de-laminating” in such a way that I could see through it and onto the surface of the earth.

Yeah. Sound like a sane person to you?

I had kept all of my fears (that I was either blessed with privileged information or falling to the family curse of serious mental illness) to my self until that day. I couldn’t hide it any more.

I registered a body temperature of 109 F (41 C). Well, actually, that’s where the thermometer ended. It’s probable I was even hotter.

I managed to see a doctor that afternoon who not only diagnosed me with something called “de-personalisation” brought on by my fever, but also told me he’d had this condition himself.

I was crying with relief by the time I left.

I’m still running a high temperature but it’s a much more civilized 102 F!

As consolation for having read this far, here is a progress shot of The Happiest Socks in the World.

Slip Stitch Rainbow socks in progress for SKA June 2012

As you can see, I’m just about to start the toe. Assuming I haven’t over-shot it!

“Knit on through all things”, indeed.


5 thoughts on “Thursday Night Fever

  1. Well, that’s a big relief. I have never heard of de-personalisation, but like you, I soldier on through things because I think that I can’t really be that sick!!
    Great socks!!


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