I’m tired and still in shock (I think) so I’m just going to use my blog as talking therapy!
Thoughts that ran through my head yesterday:
I and my family are now safe
I manage to grab my computer
I forgot my phone!

Seriously. I’m such a nerd, even in an emergency!

Everything still smells of smoke and it’s a really plastic smell because almost everything over there was plastic (doors, windows, flooring). I’m coughing but I’ve got my inhaler so I should be OK.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I had a fire in my house and it is the smoke that is the most awful thing. I would save The Labradors, my photo book and I don’t think I could carry my computer, so my Buffy Diary would have to do. Are open windows enough to air the house?? Will any insurance pay for de-smoking at all??


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