Every day is different

Every day is different

You never know what’s going to happen one day to the next.
Today, I’d planned on grafting two ends of a cowl together, making Glamorgan sausages for tea and continue to declutter my possessions.

What actually happened was my next door neighbours set fire to their house.

I’m okay (apart from shock and a little smoke inhalation) and I’m assuming that the neighbours are fine but since none of them came around to alert me, I’m just going to keep on assuming.

Oh, and thanks for giving the commenting a good beta test. It seems removing the need for an email address and name has made it come “unstuck”.


6 thoughts on “Every day is different

  1. Oh nice! Was it a meth lab (that’s what it always seems to be here)? I shouldn’t say that. I set my apartment on fire once. I found out that my boyfriend (at the time) was useless in an emergency and that halon goes everywhere.

    Hope you’re well! Next time bring the weenies over to the fire to cooke and kill two birds with one stone.


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