Another ROSPA statistic

Another ROSPA statistic

Not quite a tea-cozy accident, but it’s still quite good for me. I’ve bruised the side of my hand to the bone by hitting it on the bottom of a glass bottle containing the last dregs of spicy plum sauce.
ROSPA is the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. I think I should be one of their spokesbodies as an example of “What not to do”.

Actually, I’m hoping it’s just bruised. Just tried to pick my full coffee cup up and it felt like the bone was going to break. I’ll feel very foolish if tomorrow I’m in A & E about to be put in plaster!
So, while you’re waiting for my marvellous photos of the Isle of Wight, I present the rather successful gluten-free brownies I made for my mum’s birthday:

Never mind the taste, look at the sheen! Just realised the photo's upside down!

I used this recipe for the brownies and this one [direct link to PDF] for the glaze.
And to keep you going, here’s a view of the Sandown pier at dusk.

Sandown, Isle of Wight at dusk in March 2012

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