Before I post a selection of photos

Before I post a selection of photos

from the 200 I took in 5 days, I’d like to share my travel-related wisdom.

Actually, this is more for the future me, but if you take anything from it, let me know!

•    Take more clothes (yes really) especially thin tops to wear in the evening. Trousers/skirts can be re-worn since you’ll be sitting down most of the time.
•    Scope out supermarkets/shops near-by before you go.
•    The Co-op meal deal is a life (and money) saver
•    Always take the “Kag-in-a-bag”
•    It doesn’t matter what other people think of you
•    Be flexible
•    Don’t be afraid of resting. You’re on holiday and you don’t have to do anything.
•    Always take a sun hat and a woolly hat.
•    Take 3 pairs of shoes (excl. flip-flops/slippers) – at least 2 smart/casual pairs
•    Flip flops for the shower/room are a very good idea
•    Take a microfibre towel
•    Having your camera in a pouch-on-a-belt was a good idea.
•    Have more confidence and ask for the wi-fi password on the first day.
•    You can manage to go up and down 5 flights of stairs twice a day, but don’t be afraid of resting every flight.
•    Your walking stick looks like it has Smarties on it.
•    Take your hair straighteners
•    Always take a small multi-band radio
•    Take 2 knee braces – that was a good idea when your knees seized up
•    Milton sterilising tablets and cleansing wipes = good idea.
•    Headphones = very good idea
•    Only take 2 knitting/crochet projects. Any more and you won’t work on them.
•    Sunglasses = very good idea
•    Keep road map in day bag for all journeys so you know where the hell you are
•    Take as much underwear as days of holiday plus 1. It was nice knowing you didn’t have to wash something.
•    2 water bottles + 1 fruit juice + 2-cup flask = great idea for travelling down and back.
•    £10 per day food and drink budget is reasonable and achievable.
•    Keep £10 in change for tips at end of holiday. £5 for a 5-day holiday seems to be the going rate for tipping the coach driver.
•    Separate cosmetics bag worked well.
•    Find another 6-in-1 lipstick/gloss thing. The one you have now smells rancid.
•    Get an inflatable neck pillow.
•    LIPSTICK! Need some.
•    Check all items are still usable/functional BEFORE you go away cf: foundation and sunscreen
•    Take a facial astringent cleanser and don’t rely on facial wipes to clean make-up off.
•    At least 1 of your 2 crafting projects needs to be simple enough to be worked on when not looking at it e.g. plain/simple sock.


3 thoughts on “Before I post a selection of photos

  1. After 13 years as a flight attendant I’ve got my own set of rules too! I must say the Around Me and Yelp apps on my iPhone have helped me out too often to count when I’m in a strange city and need a Whole Foods/wine/Sephora…

    I’m with you on the underwear, though I bring a several extra pairs. Never know when you’re going to get stuck. I also demand (nicely) the internet code immediately upon arrival (it’s a contracted amenity with the airline’s hotel contracts) because I must be online constantly 😉

    Hope you had a fun time!


  2. I tend to travel ‘lite’, my husband ‘heavy’. We manage. 🙂 Not doing much with my hair and no makeup reduces the load. lol


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