Fingerless Glove Friday

Fingerless Glove Friday

A finished object! From … searches Ravelry … AUGUST?!?! Well, at least it’s August 2011!

In-out-in-out, you shake it all about!

Mojo Mitts in the remnants of the Zauberball I used for my Serpentine Socks (with a little help from another yarn for the thumbs).

And another FO, this time from January of this year. Positively on time.

Cables galore!

Evenstar Mitts designed by audm and made in King Cole Anti-tickle Merino.

Click on the links for more details/photos.

And finally, a work in progress!

I'm a hooker!

Clue 1 complete and Clue 2 on first glove covered up to prevent spoilers.

These are the Mystery Crochet Fingerless Gloves being done as part of the March CAL on the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics group on Ravelry. I’ve found my people …

Personal stuff: I’ve been to see my GP and she’s put me back on a low dose of my previous happy pills to try and sort the withdrawal symptoms out. So far, I’m like Tigger in comparison to my Eyore of last week.

One day at a time …


4 thoughts on “Fingerless Glove Friday

  1. Those are really too cute. I need to find a pattern for the glove mitten things where the fingers are free from the knuckles but then you can pop the mitten thing over to keep the fingers warm. Time to start digging through the magazines =)


  2. Oh, like convertible mittens?? I have some I knitted without the fingers, just a bottom of the fingers hugging rib band. I am glad your new tablets are making you feel appropriately happy!! This morning I thought that I should dig out my mittens, it is starting to get nippy. What a nice selection of hand warming knits!!


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