Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things in your (purse) handbag

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things in your (purse) handbag

All tucked up! Note the mis-matched shoulder strap borrowed from another bag! And the loose thread on the flap indicating that I’ve already snapped a decorative button off!

And in no particular order…

  1. Hand sanitiser
  2. Packet of tissues
  3. Diary
  4. TicTacs
  5. Plastic bag (for shopping, restaurant food-storage, or emergency rain hat)
  6. Bag-for-life made from recycled plastic bottles
  7. Keys (note the tag with my name on and the fabric frog!)
  8. My essentials pouch containing lip gloss/mascara, perfume, moisturiser, hairbrush and PILLS!
  9. Walking stick.
  10. Purse (wallet) on a chain.

3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things in your (purse) handbag

  1. Are you being earnest about this??? I have a camera, mobile, nail file, spare keys, three or four green pens, lip balm, eco bag (It’s a frog that unwraps to be a bag) purse, coin purse and bits and bobs of fabric and wool I use for matching.
    Oh and yes, tissues too!! I could do with a stick for whacking recalcitrant people!!!


    1. Completely earnest! The only things I didn’t include were my blue parking badge and my credit/loyalty card thingy. A lot of my stuff is in my “pouch of stuff”!


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