A bajillion photos

A bajillion photos

and they’re all still on my camera.
I haven’t missed a day in the photo challenge, but I’ve not yet had the time AND energy to edit and upload them.
Maybe tomorrow?
Also, I’ve got some back-logged FO posts (some from October 2011 if you can remember that far back) so I’ll probably be posting every day next week. Just to warn you!
In the mean time, here’s someone else’s work I stole to keep you entertained:

3 thoughts on “A bajillion photos

  1. Is a bajillion more, or less, than a bazillion???? And Firefox thinks bazillion is a word and bajillion is not. Very strange. Whenever you put the photos up, they will come!!


  2. moar photos!!!! uploadupload!

    i like looking at photos. If you get time and stuffs.

    mmmm coffee. I ate a whole bag of those whittards chocolate coated coffee beans yesterday, got more work done than i have in about a month.


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