All kinds of crap

All kinds of crap

2paw – I owe you a very long email. Ditto April. And probably a few other people!

Thanks for the well-wishes. I spent the 7th of January in good company enjoying lovely coffee and cake and fondling many yarns and then spent the next day (my actual birthday) recovering! Not a bad start to the year.

Instead of doing individual FO/WIP posts for the stuff I’ve finished and have on the go I’ll just do a quick-and-dirty round up of some stuff now and some other things later in the month.

Fluffy Bunny and Camo Ninja minions for my sister-in-law and brother, respectively.
Gentleman's Sock in Railway Stitch in Araucania and Regia Stretch for my dad (bit late for Christmas, never mind!)
Windward by Woollywormhead - best modelled shot I could get, sorry!

I also have a pair of finished wristwarmers, a finished shawl for me, a finished cardigan for my mum (only 3 days late), some things I made for a swap last year, plus a purge of UFOs and probably lots of other stuff I’ve forgotten about.


I’ll get there … eventually!


3 thoughts on “All kinds of crap

  1. One evil scientist to another: “Psssst! Nice minions….”
    I love that hat! There’s always so much inspiration in your posts lol – you are always working on something that makes me want to knit.


  2. Pshaw, you take care and rest and enjoy yourself!! Happy belated birthday and that is the way of it isn’t it?? You pay for the fun on outings!!
    Love the cute and scary bunnies, the socks and the hat is fabulous!!!


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