A quick knitting poll

A quick knitting poll

Hehe – I said “poll”.

Thank you kindly.

I could tell you what this is about but then I’d have to replace all your cashmere yarn with Red Heart Super Saver. 😛


12 thoughts on “A quick knitting poll

  1. I am not sure about infinity, but I have grafted tops and bottoms of sleeves and socks together and once I get the rhythm in my head, it is quite soothing!! I am not quite sure what Red heartt Super Saver is, but it sounds Bad!!!


  2. I’m frustrated with Kitchener stitch at the moment. My most recent sock toe didn’t go well at all. I can never get it to look right even though I follow the instructions faithfully. That said, I grafted the hood on my Rogue sweater successfully although I used the cheat sheet for it.


  3. I think it’s a matter of creatively working around the need to Kitchner more than outright avoidance. I can do it. I have done it. Not well enough to avoid little pooches at either end of my supposedly invisible seams, mind you, but I can. The question is why would I? Toe up us so much easier! No grafting toes, no twisting joins, you can try the sock on as you go, it’s all around easier in my world. I suppose if I needed to Kitchner something OTHER than a sock I might suck it up for 20 or 30 stitches but I think I’ll manage to keep avoiding as much as possilbe.




    I always have to look up the instructions on it, but once I get going, it’s okay. I have a feeling your kitchener is some ungodly number.


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