That’s … interesting …?

That’s … interesting …?

as my mother would say when I handed her a plate of my early “cookery”.


See? Spoilers!

If you’re knitting the “Laceless” shawl from Strange Knits the following post contains photographs of a border. A lace-less border. Knit (!) in sock-weight yarn. In two colours. You’ll have to contain your own excitement.

Purple/blue yarn is Mean Girls Yarn Club and the pink/brown/green is also Mean Girls Yarn club!

This is a really interesting (and I mean that most sincerely folks) method of working a side-ways border – you end up with no stitches to pick up when you’re done!

I’m sorry if this whole knit-along is now ruined for you. How ever will you survive?!?!

Oh, I seem to have regained my sarcasm. (No?! Really?!?!)

And why, you ask yourselves, have I started another shawl? It’s because I’ve finished Taygete! Hurrah!

Tease, aren't I?

I have to block it and I can’t do that until I find my dedicated shawl-blocking-dental-floss.

Also arising from the depths is the 2010 Advent Sampler Scarf

Days 1-14 complete. I think I'm gonna need a bigger lens!

Yup, still grey.

Tiny amount of progress on Sakaki (remember that?)


The Swartbos waistcoat is also blocked and awaiting seaming and ribbing (ooh, err missus!)

Yes, that is a Postman Pat bag in the background.

Remember my Serpentine Socks? Oh, so long ago …. Well, I had 50 g of yarn left over so I cast on for some wrist warmers.

Wibbly wobbly mitteny wittenys (with apologies to Doctor Who)

I may have miscalculated the yardage. You see that little pink ball at the top of the mitt in progress? That’s it. Colour suggestions for contrast thumbs?

I finished my 3-ply yarn, started during the Tour de Fleece

Fibre Latern Rouge Superwash BFL from

I got 130 m of worsted-weight out of 4oz which means it’s a fairly dense yarn but it should be great for cables. She says, trying to hide her disappointment over the short yardage!

I think that’s it for now. Obviously I’m feeling heaps better (the steroids were gooooooood) and I’m slowly catching up with blog posts/comments.  I started off alphabetically (poor 2Paw didn’t know what hit her!) but now I’m just going in a random order! BRACE YOURSELF FOR BEING COMMENT-STRAFED!!


7 thoughts on “That’s … interesting …?

  1. I looked on the KAL thread and saw lots of the Laceless ‘starts’, very pretty, will it curl around?? So many things to look at; nice wool, cute mittens, yes you are a tease, oh an Advent scarf, I remember that!!
    Amy, I saw all your comments and looked forward to reading them!! I often don’t know what has hit me, so it was OK!!


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