This post powered by psuedoephadrine

This post powered by psuedoephadrine

And steroids, but mostly the former.

I am still really behind on my blog-reading (someone in my feed has sixteen! unread posts) but I haven’t been entirely idle during my inflamed-sinus-sabbatical.

I’ve finished my Serpentine Socks (and even managed to stay upright long enough to photograph them) so there’ll be an FO post soon.

Progress has been slow on the Funkadellic Frolicking Reindeer Socks

Hmmm... gusset ...

But mostly I was spinning as part of the Tour de Fleece.  I finished the naturally-black Shetland/bleached tussah silk fibre and made a DK-weight 2-ply yarn with about 240 m/260 yds

1 pence piece for scale

And I also learnt a new technique which allows you to create a 3-ply yarn without needing to spin all your singles at the same time

Superwash Blue Faced Leicester - squooshy!

And I joined a fibre club. It’s just for 3 months (uncertain as I was to my academic/financial status for 2012) and it’s by Anne of Wooly Wonka Fibers

Merino/silk - yummy

These aren’t my “usual” colours, but isn’t that the point of a club?

For the next 7 days I’m going to be “enjoying” the benefits of pharmacology and I don’t know how I’ll be affected. If you catch my raving on the internet, it may well be ‘roid-rage. Alternatively, I could just feel better!


6 thoughts on “This post powered by psuedoephadrine

  1. I LOVE your spinning projects! Did you n-ply on a spindle? You are brave!!

    Hope you are feeling on the mend soon. Better living through modern pharmacology is my motto!


    1. Oh, yes! Navajo-plying on a spindle is, I’ve discovered, the bees-knees! It all just “clicked” in my head and went so smoothly I though I was doing something wrong!

      I’m looking forward to making yarn with the wine-club fibre soon (I’m thinking a fingering-weight barber-pole/tweed 2-ply will be just the ticket!)


  2. Psuedoephadrine is wonderful stuff – unfortunately by Dr won’t let me take it any more makes my blood pressure soar 😦


  3. Damn you, I can’t have that at all, it’s all Pride and Prejudice with possets and inhaling hot steam here. I hope that the drugs work and you are feeling better soon. Well done on your spinning, which I don’t understand but it looks pretty!!
    Love the socks!!! They are very intricate, no wonder it is taking some time.


  4. You’ve gone from a novice to an aMAZing spinner! I see a wheel in your future =) I can’t imagine that the frolicking reindeer socks are very easy when hyped up on the psuedo- stuff. We used to have that over the counter here, but they took it away from us – good stuff tho


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