The long and the sock of it

The long and the sock of it

I think I'm gonna need a bigger sock blocker!

The first of my Serpentine socks is complete (pattern from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson, yarn Zauberball 6).


If you’re offended by the upper motif, I suggest you focus on the lovely snowflakes!  I’ve now finished the gusset decreases and it’s just plain (!) sailing to the toe.

Most of my energy (what little there is) has been focused on Tour de Fleece:

I’m behind on reading/commenting on blogs so if you normally hear from me, don’t worry, I’ll get to you at some point! I’ve got raging sinusitis and I’ve been threatened with steroids if my new nasal spray doesn’t work and I’M SO BORED.

May you live in interesting times, indeed.


8 thoughts on “The long and the sock of it

  1. Is the Reindeer sock made with just two balls, one of them multicoloured, or it is a whole lot of different ones?? I love it and am in awe of your colour changing!!
    I hope you are well quickly and something enormously interesting happens!!


    1. The socks are one solid (the black/charcoal) and one multi (the green/yellow/red). The colour changes on the latter are quite gradual and I like how it’s turning out.


  2. Both pairs of socks are awesome =) It’s funny b/c our new little female dog is in heat right now and my neutered grown dog is humping her non-stop (without actually accomplishing anything) so, I guess that’s the theme this month hahahaha

    Your Tour de Fleece photos are grand. =)


  3. Am I naive, but that sock has nothing in it to offend, right? It’s quite pretty! Of course if I’m missing the obvious you can delete my comment in shame 😉


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