Secrets and Plies

Secrets and Plies

You have no idea how proud I am of that title! Film details for those who don’t know the work of Mike Leigh.

Firstly, thank you for the comments on my finished Mystery Shawl. There was a question about the cast on I used (long tail using two ends of yarn) and apparently I can’t explain it very well with words, so I’ll be doing a photo tutorial in the not-too-distant-future.

The Secret Knitting:

Some of TSK has been completed (of which I can show you nothing) and other is under way.

What could it be?

I hope that doesn’t give the game away?

I’ll be able to reveal all once the recipient has … recipiated (?) which should be 5-14 days after I send it!

Non-Secret Stuff:

The soyslik/wool is progressing

Not shy of colour!

It really has been a learning experience! My original plan was to turn it into a 3-ply yarn but I think I’ll have more use for a small amount of a single-ply fingering-weight rather than a small amount of plied chunky-weight yarn.

Moar knitting!

I started a sock.

Sock start, with a peek at my coloured chart

Gush by Yarnissima in an Easyknits Sushi Roll. Colour? Vlad. So I’m calling these “Gushing Vein”. Because I’m weird like that.

How the yarn comes off the dyed sock blank

The yarn was a gift from ygathgoch (Rav name) because she couldn’t knit socks two-at-a-time and she knew I could. It sat in my stash for a while (not as long as the yarn I bought from Denise, but long enough) and when I saw this pattern was part of the Sock Knitters Anonymous group’s June KAL I just had to cast on!

Progress as of today!

I’ve also finished the main knitting on Swartbos and I bought buttons.  Pretend there is a picture here, will you? It’s too dark to take photos of black yarn at 9 pm so just use your imagination!

The pattern (Rooibos) is designed to be open fronted but I’ve learnt from experience that I just don’t wear cardigans without some form of closure. Even a waist tie isn’t enough (take that store-bought cardigan!) so in come some fab buttons!

(I will take a photo of my progress, and the buttons, promise!)

I would show you photos of a rather impressive WIP but I’m not sure pictures of a large yellow bruise on my leg would be particularly appealing.

Stay warm/cool/safe.


There are still some spots open in the Mean Girls Yarn Club run by KnottyLa. I can’t sign up this time becuase it’s either yarn or driving lessons for me, but I would highly recommend the club. She doesn’t always send out exactly on time, but she’s human! Plus I’ve always loved the sweets and extras you get alongside the yarn. (Full disclosure: by pimping for La I get the chance to win a free year’s membership if I get the most people to sign up. When paying via PayPal, tell her who sent you – dyedinthewool Amy)


7 thoughts on “Secrets and Plies

  1. Those little kerchiefs of yarn are so interesting, I mean sock blank. Gushing vein is oddly apropos with that color, lol, it rather looks as you described it.


  2. Proud you may be of the title…but when I read it the first time I read “Secrets and Piles”
    Just stopped laughing now.
    I’ll leave now.


  3. Oh at last your blog will let me comment:
    Craktus: fabulously inspired crocheting!!!
    Summer Mini-Shawl is very cute and I like the colour. Very Swish modelling.
    Ouch, I have some bruises too. Oh driving lessons!! Good luck, I hated learning to drive.
    I love your new socks and their name, I don’t ever want to knit two socks at once, too many trailing bits of wool and Labradors don’t mix!!


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