FO: Summer Mystery Mini-Shawl

FO: Summer Mystery Mini-Shawl

Oh, look! It's all artsy and stuff!

Ta daaaaaahhhhh!!!

And stretch!

And flopping over the line in last place, just 5 weeks after I started the shawl, I finished!

Pattern: Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy [My Ravelry Project Page]

Yarn/needles: Superwash merino/nylon dyed by Denise; 425m per 100g. Approx. 60 g used 255 m/280 yds). US6 Denise Interchangeable plastic needles (purely coincidental!)

Fashion! Turn to the left!

Finished size (blocked): wingspan 115 cm/45 in, centre depth 43 cm/17 in

Dates: 16th May 2011 to 22nd June 2011

Neck notch with applied garter stitch border


  • Long tail cast on with inside and outside strand of ball (so I didn’t have to guess how much yarn I’d need and run out part way through!)
  • Changed the sl, k2tog, psso double decrease in chart 1 for sl2tog, k1, pssso. Maintained the pattern’s dd for remainder of pattern
  • You may notice a notch missing from the top of the shawl – I decided I wanted the shawl to sit more ergonomically on my shoulders and around my neck. I simply omitted the last 14 rows of Chart D, keeping the stitches “live” and worked the garter stitch border sideways along the edge.
  • No idea what happened but I came up short on the yardage again. It was supposed to be in the region of 300 yds. It’s likely to be the relatively small needle size I used combined with the fact I’m a relatively tight knitter.  Maybe that little V missing at the top made the difference!


10 thoughts on “FO: Summer Mystery Mini-Shawl

  1. Oh OH OH I must learn this long tail cast on with both end of the yarn that you speak of oooooooo

    It’s GORGEOUS my dear, and I love your awesome artsy fashiony and what not pics =))

    hmmmm interesting on the yardage – garter stitch DOES eat yarn like a gobbling pac man monster


  2. Its beautiful and thank you for all the tips. Just lovely. Can you direct me and others to the long tail cast inside/outside ball? This is something I have to learn to do. Thanks


    1. I’m not sure where I learnt it (or if I “unvented” it) but you just do a slip knot with both ends of the yarn and do a normal long tail cast on. It’s much better for peace-of-mind not having to guess how much yarn you will use!


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