Slow Coach

Slow Coach

As in life, so in knitting!

I’m still slogging away on the Summer Mystery Mini-Shawl:

Colour pretty accurate.

I got all excited a few days ago when I thought I’d finished Chart C/Clue 3. I got Clue 4 out and set to start it, just reading the instructions to check I was heading in the right direction. It went “by now, you should have completed 3 repeats of Chart C”


I’d only done two.

So what you can see above is Charts A and B and 2 and a half repeats of Chart C.

I’ll keep chugging on!

No real progress on any other knitting that I can show publicly yet (oh, how mysterious!) but I have been learning how to spin soysilk

Rainbow! Ish.

Well, it’s a soysilk/wool blend but that somehow doesn’t sound as impressive!  It’s just over an ounce of fibre I got from dragondancer as part of swap.  I’m struggling to maintain a consistent yarn diameter but oooohhhh, how soft it is!  It’s a challenge to maintain the colours as they are in the roving (is that the correct term?) but it’s all part of the learning curve. Right?

Yellow and blue, hiding the orange and pink which has gone before!

So, to conclude; I’ve been busy on caring duties and mystery crafting but I’m still trying to find time for myself.

Oh, and I’ve been reading actual paper-based books!


2 thoughts on “Slow Coach

  1. Paper based books are the best. The shawl is coming along nicely, the last repeat of Chart C goes super fast, and then the last one is like lightening. I think I’m going to have to make another one, since the one I made is just a smidge too small. D’OH!

    I’m secretly jealous of your spinning, one of these days, I will learn. lol


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