FO: Craktus Scarf

FO: Craktus Scarf

As far as simple scarves go, I rather like this one!


I wanted a cotton scarf I could wear when it was cool enough to need a scarf but too warm for a wool one. I was in Purl City Yarns in March and Audrey M was knitting a headband in a cotton yarn which held it’s texture beautifully. It was this yarn I thought of when I wanted a scarf.

Pattern: Craktus (crocheted-baktus). My own, based on the knitted narrow scarf known as a baktus.

Rather tricky to photograph a long, narrow scarf! Welsh Poppies for scale (?!)

Yarn & hook: Louisa Harding “Ondine” (100% cotton) DK, multiple-plies. 50g ball. Colour 07. Approx. 95 g used (225 yds/205 m). Knit Pro plastic 5 mm hook.

Finished Size: Deepest point: 23 cm/9″ Length: 140 cm/55″  All measurements are with scarf unstretched, unwashed and unblocked!

Dates: 3rd-14th June 2011


  • Worked in htr (UK term, US hdc)
  • Chain 3 to start
  • Inc 1 st on one side of scarf every other row by working 2 htr in first htr from hook
  • Dec 1 st in same manner by working what I called a delayed htr but I’m sure it has a proper name I don’t know (yrn, insert hook into 1st htr, pull yarn through, yrn, insert hook into next htr, pull yarn through, pull yarn through all loops on hook)
  • Joined yarns in the Russian method.
Never mind the quality, feel the texture!

As always, click on any of the photos for a larger, clearer view. I’m concious that not everyone is on unlimited, high-speed, broadband (unlike some bloggers) and I like to give the option of viewing larger photos if you are able to and want to! Oooh, look at that! Some passive-aggressiveness for a Thursday! 😀


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