Spinning Sunday

Spinning Sunday

Well, it’s “Spinning and a bit of knitting Sunday”

I’ve nearly finished plying the blue/purple-stuff-with-lumps-of-silk-and-random-bits-of-other-colours-in-it fibre on the plying spindle my dad and I made.

Plied yarn: Skeined and on the spindle

And a close-up on the notch (scoured out by my fair hand!)

Green marks are for rough Wraps Per Inch estimations

I bought myself a new, lighter, spindle so I could make thinner yarn (more on that later) and it came with an ounce of Blue Faced Leicester fibre to play with. And play I did!

My First BFL (TM). About 90m of fingering-weight.

I decided I needed to use it straight away so I fished around on Ravelry for a suitable pattern and came up trumps with Cotton Reel Mitts by Ysolda, from Whimsical Knits 2. I had already purchased the e-book so I was ready to go pretty quickly.

BFL/nylon sock yarn with BFL handspun

I used the alternate cable cast on for the 1/1 rib (a modification of the pattern which uses an i-cord for the start).

Alt cable cast on is much easier than any tubular method for 1/1 rib. Click image to see more detail.

The colour contrast between the yarns isn’t great, but as a way of hiding and protecting my precious yarn I think it will do well.  I just hope I have enough!

Now, on to the spindle!

I got it from Wildcraft and, being completly honest here, I got it mainly because it’s pretty. Yes, I’m shallow and yes, I’m fine with it! Shown here with a humbug (mixed fibre) natural black Shetland wool and bleached tussah silk.

Shiny! But also Sheepy!

And here’s the top of the whorl when it had the BFL on it


Oh. In the comments to my previous post, Sil asked how I managed to do so much. No easy answer other than I’ve always been busy. Even when I’m ill I’m doing something. For me, knitting, crochet, sewing and now spinning, are a great way to relax and unwind. Things are a little stressful for me right now and to be able to switch most of my mind off and just focus on a stitch in a garment or the twist of a fibre is very helpful.  I’ve talked before about my mental health problems and I honestly believe that my involvement with crafting does help me keep on a more even keel than I would otherwise be.

Wow. That got deep, didn’t it?!  More shallowness next time!

Disclaimer: Because some idiots spoiled the party for all of us, I must state that I have not been paid by, nor work for, any company or individual mentioned here. Anything shown was purchased by me and was not gifted.


3 thoughts on “Spinning Sunday

  1. Yes, I don’t know about the idiots either?? Such a pretty spindle, I think shallow in this case is good taste!! Your new mitts are gorgeous!!
    I agree about craft helping to keep you on an even keel. Giving my mind a knitting task to think about stops me from thinking about other things.
    Nice notch!!


  2. What a beautiful little spindle! I like them both, of course, nothing like something you made yourself, eh? Love the contrast on the mitts, very pretty.

    Oh, btw, wanted to thank you for posting about the Mystery Shawlette! I’m finally knitting again and you have the credit. (as someone who neither works for me nor payed me to post this)

    IDIOTS! be GONE!


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