Spam in Hebrew?

Spam in Hebrew?

I can just about have a stab at Cyrillic, but not Hebrew. Spammers, know your audience!

Clearly it’s been a while since my last update, so I must have been doing something very exciting and/or dangerous, right?

[I’ll give you a few minutes to compose yourself since you can’t read while you’re laughing so hard]

I’ve finished the stripes on Taygete

Hmm... croissant shawl ...

and started on the lace border

Twice. We won’t talk about the first attempt (let’s just say watching a rather engaging film while picking up stitches isn’t the best idea I’ve ever had).

I’ve made marginal progress on Sakaki because it’s not TV-knitting and that’s all I’ve felt up to lately

Chocolate and wafer bar for scale.

I have made a dent into the blue/purple-fibre-with-bits-of-silk-in-it but I still have a way to go yet!

In progress, complete and yet-to-do all in one shot!

I did make up a little test-skein to see what it might look like once plied and washed and I got this

The green acrylic tie is DK-weight

It looks about a heavy DK/worsted to me (I attempted the wraps-per-inch thing but I’m not sure I did it right!).

And in what can best be described as an act of folly, I’ve signed myself up for Tour de Fleece 2011 over on Ravelry.  The idea is that you spin on every day the Tour de France is run (and don’t spin on the rest days).  It won’t be pretty, it’s likely I’ll fall off my virtual-bike a few times but I hope to have fun and learn … something.

3 thoughts on “Spam in Hebrew?

  1. Yes, 99.9% of the spam I receive doesn’t apply to me at all. I know immediately it’s spam!!
    Nice stripes and Humphrey Bogart would do that to me too!!
    Good luck o your Tour De Fleece, I hope a Labrador doesn’t insert herself between you and the fleece. I remember that happened in one race. It is OK though, the Lab was fine!!


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