It’s a shawl thing

It’s a shawl thing

Don’t like that pun? How about:

Ship to Shawl?


Fair point.

Thanks for the comments on my three-FOs-in-formation posts.  I’m really glad I’d drafted them earlier because I’ve had one heck of a week health-wise (see tl;dr at end of post).

So, in between feeling sorry for myself and having things stuffed into my ears, what have I been up to?

Spinning and then winding yarn off my spindle.

Snazzy, huh? Think I can market it?

Like my high-tech solution?  Mini M&M tube supplied by H3Dakota. Mysteriously the chocolate didn’t survive long after arriving. :strokes chin: Curious…

I mentioned in my last ordinary-service post about starting two shawls designed by Romi.  Well, I have done!

First up is Sakaki (the shawl in support/memory of the Japan earthquake and tsunami) using Mean Girls Yarn Club Run Amok (merino sock yarn)

This is not as mindless as it looks because there are short rows and lace and texture and a pico edging and …. So I’ve not made as much progress on it as my second shawl.

Never mind the quality, feel the texture!

Second is Taygete (in another MGYC called Baby Melter and Xen’s Capability):

The full stretch so far

Hmm…. stripes …

Right side, wrong side, right side!

Both yarns are merino/cashmere/nylon so there’s a very soft halo to the finished fabric. Yummy!


Lets keep this brief since I’m sure you’re all as bored of my ears as I am but Sunday I collapsed (in an elegant way, I might add) probably due to low blood sugar, Monday I had headache all day (unusual for me), Tuesday was very bad and I had a full-on M.E.-crash and Wednesday I had my right ear stuffed with iodine-soaked ribbon gauze. Less fun than it sounds.

I’m now on a 1-a-day antibiotic (scary!) which warns you against going out in the sun lest you get a rash. Typical.

I’ll be back after the double-bank-holiday-I’m-trying-to-pretend-isn’t-happening, hopefully with some more shawl progress!

5 thoughts on “It’s a shawl thing

  1. Well those FOs are lovely so stay inside out of the sun and knit! Your Taygete is pretty, I’ve been avoiding making that one because I don’t love the combos I see on Rav. Yours is good though so I’ll put it back on the list.

    Feel better and ignore that crazy you-know-what holiday thingy. Luckily in California it’s easy to ignore 😉


  2. Both shawls look lovely. Hope you get your ears fixed soon.

    I was on a medication that didn’t come with a warning about the sun. Took my kids camping and to the waterpark. I thought I was having a reaction to the sunscreen/bug repellent that I had slathered all over me. Years later, the medicine finally had the warning about sun on the labe.


  3. Loving the look of your FO’s! Since I have those yarns I guess I have no excuse for not starting them? Well, except that the meds I’m currently on make following a chart pretty difficult.
    Good luck with the antibiotic. Stay out of the sun and away from any television watching that might raise your blood pressure dangerously…


  4. Oh the garter stitch looks very inviting. I’ll be waiting on further progress of the first one before my addlepated mind can understand it lol – I keep turning my head sideways, but it doesn’t help me. Sorry you can’t enjoy the sun this week, I’ll soak up some vitamin D for you and send it via quantum physics brain wave string theory entanglement.



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