Plans, big and small (but mostly small)

Plans, big and small (but mostly small)

Thanks for the comments on my most recent post.  I’m trying not to look directly at the university offer; sort of like the sun, it’s massive size is daunting!  So I’ve decided to focus on small goals instead.

Sakaki 榊, meaning sacred tree, is a small texture-and-lace shawl by Romi.  $5 of the $6.50 selling price goes to various charities who have ring-fenced money to help those in Japan (until end of May, after which monies go to MSF/DWB.  First 100,000 copies only).  I bought this pretty sharpish not only for it’s fund-raising efforts but also because I loved the pattern.

I’m planning on using this Mean Girls Yarn Club merino as I think it will work well with the changing textures and with the increasing, decreasing and short rows.

Yarn for Sakaki shawl by Romi

Isn’t that funny; in the “flesh” all I could see in the yarn were the greens but in the photo I just see the reds!

My plan is to make the version with the lace motif, without the beads.

I’m also knitting another of Romi’s patterns, this time from 7 Small Shawls; Taygete (Ravelry link).

Baby Melter (L) and English Rose (R) are both Merino/cashmere/nylon blend sock-weight yarns. Colours are a bit dark in the photo.

I’m using Art of Xen Capability in English Rose for the MC and the newest Mean Girl’s Yarn Club shipment in Baby Melter for the CC.  You’ll have to trust me that they work well together in the garter stitch stripes!

Spinning news!

This is my progress (from about a week ago) on the blue-purple-wool-with-slubs-of-silk

I’m not commercial-yarn consistent, but it’s better than my previous efforts.  No predictions about finished yarn weight because last time I aimed for sport and got bulky!

Blooming Shawl and other things

It’s finished, photos have been taken and an FO post is brewing; only taken me since February.  I also have 2 other Finished Object posts drafted and so I’m now editing photos.

Personal Blah-blahs.

My health has been … inconsistent.  It’s always useful as a knitter when your legs don’t work properly because you’ve got a good reason for sitting around.  Not so useful is when your arms “go”.  Next on the agenda? Learning to crochet with my toes!

I had another three phials of blood taken today.  All the tests will come back normal or average, like they always do but I like to humour the medical professionals!

Next three posts?  All finished objects!


4 thoughts on “Plans, big and small (but mostly small)

  1. I just saw a completed Taygete on the internet and it is so clever, I love the lace border!!
    Very nice slub spinning.
    I hope you have a pinhole projector through which to observe your Solar University Offer!!
    Arms now?? What is going on?? I had three taken last week too, which I think is particularly unfair as I don;t have that much to spare!! I think you should continue to confound the medical profession.


  2. Sorry about the health inconsistencies, too bad you don’t have House as your GP =) Ya know they always figure it out in a couple of days lol

    Your spinning is marvelous, and as for commercial consistent, I’ve had commercial stuff that is very inconsistent. (and consistent/inconsistent wins as the most overused word in this post) I actually like it when the yarn goes up and down in size, it looks cool to me.

    It is funny how cameras see different than we do. Now, color me ‘hanging around and waiting for your FO post’. I wonder what color (colour) that would make me?


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