Still here. Not dead (yet). Lots of blog-reading to catch up. Excellent reasons for being a bad blogger.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Spun, plied, set and knitted with the merino.  I have a finished object to photograph at some point soon.
  • Started spinning the only other fibre I own (some sort of purple/blue/grey wool stuff with slubs of silk scattered throughout) SEE PHOTO BELOW
  • Picked up my Blooming KAL shawl again. And knitted on it.
  • Applied for, and been given, a place on a Masters of Science course at university.  History of Science, Technology and Medicine, hopefully leading to an MSc in the History of Medicine in two years time?!  Funding support pending, of course.
  • Enjoyed the early Spring sunshine (a rare treat ’round these parts)
  • Remembered why I hate paperwork, form-filling and admin, but also how grateful I am that “my” university seems to be very accommodating to disabled students.
  • Ordered (and received within 7 days!) some yarn dyed with walnuts (!) from Karen B.
  • Wound 5 skeins of sock yarn into cheeses (or cakes, if you are North American)
  • Had the remnants of this Godzilla of a cold run through my system a few more times
  • Had an ear infection (I know, how novel. Never had one of those before!)
  • Went into Manchester to see AudreyM at Purl City Yarns and wore some fab black, knee-high, biker-style boots which were entirely inappropriate on the hottest day of the year so far.

I think that’s it.  I have a bajillion photos to take and then edit.  A sock pattern to write.  Forms to fill in, GPs (General Practitioners, not Grand Prix) to badger.

No rest for the wicked …. or the good 😉


6 thoughts on “Warrgarrbbllll/Flail

    1. They are rather fantastic boots, aren’t they? The most out of character item of footwear I’ve ever purchased but I’m rather pleased with them!


  1. Fabulous news about Uni and you have been so busy and productive in spite of the end of your cold. I abhor filling in forms. Who designs these things????


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