Lobbying for an official birthday

Lobbying for an official birthday

Nb: this was supposed to last weeks post but painful muscles and a medium-to-bad cold intervened.  Thursday night’s fever was fun, let me tell you!  Anyway, on with the story…

If the Queen has one why can’t I? Stamps foot.

While it wasn’t an official birthday outing it was close enough (only 2 months late!)

I met up with a couple of my “imaginary” friends off of the t’internet for a morning/afternoon of coffee, gingerbread men and yarn shopping.

Malabrigo Lace in a yummy chocolate brown, pale lilac and baby blue colour.

Merino fibre:

The colour is called "Blaze" - very appropriate!

And what I’ve made with it so far:

This was a few days ago; I've now spun nearly half of the fibre

I’ve managed a few rows of my Blooming shawl (which still defies being photographed correctly; in some lights it’s blue, in others purple) and a couple of motifs in the Corelli CAL.  I have two more completed washcloths.

Dragonfly (Ravelry link): I may well be keeping this one for myself. L: Knit-side uppermost R: Purl-side uppermost. Another purple defying photography!
A textured slip stitch washcloth (pattern from a Yahoo Group and is no longer available)

Both made in Peaches and Cream yarn.

The cold is progressing and I’m now at the hacking dry-cough stage.  Of course, this is really nothing in comparison to what happened in Japan so I’m trying not to complain to much.

Germ-y hugs to all.


6 thoughts on “Lobbying for an official birthday

  1. I’m all for official birthdays. I have internet friends – and ‘real life’ friends.
    The first time one of my internet friends sent me an item in the post I was amazed – like having a character step out of a book.


  2. I do think that everyone’s birthday should be a holiday for them. Not just Betty Windsor!! It’s not even her birthday anyway.
    Yes, the lace is very pretty and so is the dragonfly.
    The tsunami was exceptionally frightening. We had an alert but it was sensibly cancelled. I think the PTB panicked. Who wouldn’t?


  3. I hope you’re feeling better!

    Honestly, if I had to take four forms of transport to get anywhere I wouldn’t go. But in Cali there aren’t four forms of transport so the point is moot.

    Can I say I LOVE the colors of that fiber your spinning.


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