Six for Sunday

Six for Sunday

Note: Clearly this is neither Friday nor indeed Sunday but since I spent more of Sunday asleep than awake, I decided to give myself a break and publish this today (Monday)

This was supposed to be Four for Friday but Housework happened and by the time I’d stopped whirling around it was dark and I was shattered!

So, here goes:


Two internet-friends have given me concern in the last week. 2Paw with her hospital stay and Denise‘s partner and his not-a-mystery-any-more-but-still-very-serious illness.  It’s at times like these that I wish I lived close enough to physically help but all I can do is offer good vibes.

2. The Blooming KAL shawl.

Did I mention this before? Yes, I did.

Anyway, this is clues 1 and 2 completed.


3. The Corelli CAL.

Still slogging away on clue 1.  Apparently crocheting lace-weight yarn on a 3mm hook is slow-going for me.  Clue 3 came out on Friday!

4. Black yarn in February? Genius!

Also, Lazy Weekend Sweater, my eye!

5. Wash cloth!

Thanks to H3Dakota for the yarn-in-exchange-for-Jelly-Babies cotton I’m going to make a stack of face cloths/wash cloths for my mum’s birthday.

This one is the DW Cloth in Peaches ‘n’ Cream.

6. Erm…


So … stay safe, stay in school and … don’t do drugs.


7 thoughts on “Six for Sunday

  1. You couldn’t have really helped 2paw…there was only room for ONE shopper and it was me!
    Vibes are good though…just ask the Beach Boys!


  2. Yes, MrsDrWho is correct, plus I wasn’t very riveting company!! Your vibes did work, good, good, good etc. Thank you!!!
    Oh nice Blooming, it is such a pretty pattern the leaves are so lovely.
    Black, it’s a bad colour for dim days and nights. Wear a miners’ hat, one with the lamp on the front???
    The crocheted motif are very nice, but yes, 3ply, you are a glutton for punishment!!
    Damn, can’t stay in school, I ‘do’ quite a lot of “drugs” every day but I am being safe, so one out of three ain’t bad!!!


  3. looks pretty damn productive to me! in this time, i have managed to knit, frog and reknit one sleeve 🙂

    love the lazy weekend sweater. Just cos it’s nearly spring doesn’t mean we all have to be colourful mmmkay. *applies more eyeliner, listens to the cure*


  4. Wish I could afford to send for you. My sunshine would help with that black sweater. Black anything in February is only a good idea in Tucson.

    Love your blue shawl KAL.


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