Watershed Update

Watershed Update

Now, with added photos!

I managed to stand upright long enough to hang my camera from a washing line (seriously) and take some modelled shots of Watershed.  Not my best work, but better than nothing?

Sidebar your Honour: I used to be really shy about my upper arms and would try to hide them all the time. At some point during one of the two weeks of scorching-hot-summer we have here I decided to say f**k it.  I’m much happier about this now.


2 thoughts on “Watershed Update

  1. It’s really cute on you! As crazy as the weather has been, we’ll all have to get ok with our bodies =) After being snowed in for two weeks, it’s hot again. bleh


  2. Thanks for the modelled shots, nice work. You turned into McGyver in your backyard there 🙂 I’ve been known to drag the ironing board into the yard in order to have the camera sitting at the right height.


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