Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Unless you’re some sort of crafting genius and everything you touch turns to gold (in which case, GTFO) you will have experienced that low, slushy feeling of finishing a project and realising something is wrong.

It could be you’ve cut the fabric wrong for a dress (done that) or forgotten the sugar in a cake (done that one as well).  It could even be you cast off, put the garment on and it does this:

Watershed FAIL; bathroom mirror shot

As a cowl neck, it’s great.  As the back neck edging, it’s full of fail.

Floppy 😦

I checked Ravelry and it seems that this is all my fault because no-one else has mentioned it.

I followed the instructions (I think.  I hope) and I still managed to mess it up!

So, courage in hand, I ripped two pattern repeats from left and right and re-knit.  I removed one pattern repeat each side by doubling the attachment rate and it fits much better.

I ripped out 2 repeats (marked by black circle) and re-knit 1 repeat attaching at twice the rate (finished shown on right of photo)

Watershed is now thinking about what it’s done and having a damn good blocking.

FO photos once I’ve found a trowel with which to apply my make-up so I look vaguely human.

In happier news, I can successfully crochet with lace-weight yarn

Pretty yarn is pretty

9 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Yes, your crocheting is fine!!
    Damn that cowl at the back, but you had the technology and you rebuilt it. Trowel that make-up on so we can see the finished item!!


  2. i have so been there with crochet edging. it’s like, in the pattern picture there is pretty lace, in my hand there is a 17th century-esque ruff of the frilled-up-to-the-max variety! Hand me some Shakespeare to read or something! I never got the hang of crochet though. Yours looks very impressive, particularly the laceweight thing.


  3. I can honestly say I have never cut the fabric for a dress wrong…coz I’ve never made one. Ditto for the cake/sugar thingy.
    This is how I manage to not be totally incompetent at absolutely everything…I don’t do LOTS of those things!!!!


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