This message is respectfully yours

This message is respectfully yours

Title of today’s post brought to you by my spam filter!

I’ve made progress on my owls cardigan. I had to use my daylight lamp to get enough light to photograph so excuse the slightly washed-out look.  There’s only so much to can do with a free image software toolbar!

owls cardigan fronts. Pink stitch markers show buttonholes.

The short rows have worked out well and dropped the fronts down nicely.  I’m working the waist decreases alternately at the sides and the middle of the pieces to give some more uniform shaping.  I’ll do the same when increasing for the hips.

Back of owls cardigan

The unequal split for the fronts and back has worked well and while it looks odd laying flat, I can assure you that the fit is good.  Nice and roomy in the front!

I haven’t been making fast work on this becuase of a slight distraction in the form of a crocheted item for a contest.

This is all I can show you. Excited?

It’s my first crochet design. I’m nothing if not idiotic fearless.

Here’s an up-and-coming attraction for you

Ooh, shiny!

Although the colour is way off (I could not get it right either on the camera or in post-production but it’s much darker and more blue) this is a skein of Posh Yarn‘s Chloe lace-weight. Now with added sparkles!  I’m going to use this for a knit-along starting at the beginning of February called The Blooming KAL (run over on Ravelry).  I bought the yarn with birthday money sent by my grandmother. A good investment, I think!


9 thoughts on “This message is respectfully yours

  1. Photos are hard this time of year (and probably even more so in your neck of the woods) – but your owl sweater is looking great!

    I’ll be interested to hear if you like the sparkle laceweight. My mill sent me a sample and I wasn’t sure if I loved it or hated it. 🙂


  2. I will definitely check in again to see just what that green crocheted item will be!

    I am also a knitter and blogger and I am starting the New Year by trying to organize a once a month Knitting(or Crocheting!) Day via my blog.

    So on Thursday, I am taking off from my day job and have gathered 5 WiPs to work for the entire day (and possibly into the next if I hold out).

    I am inviting fellow knitters/bloggers to join me if you like! It’s this Thursday, Jan 20th 8am EST. If you’re interested, take a look at my blog where I’ve posted the details.

    A GREAT way to put that crocheted entry into the Finished column. 🙂

    Thanks and have a GREAT Day!


  3. Most of us ladies are a bit bigger in the than the back. (some a lot bigger) Makes for oddly tight fitting clothes.

    Love that yarn. Mysteries make me nervous. I would hate to pay for a pattern then hate it.


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