Good job I like maths!

Good job I like maths!

And this just for the yoke divide

Progress on the owl cardigan is … progressing:

Underarm stitches were added using a provisional cast on

I thought you might like to see my plans for the overall “look” and my modifications, so I did a little crappy sketch


An artist, I am not! Click for a better look at it (if you dare!)

I seem to have inherited my mother’s drawing ability. For a fine artist, she was a very good potter! (Seriously, she was a very good potter and it was only the need to actually earn money that meant she had to teach instead of being a full-time artist)


There’s still plenty of time to enter my birthday contest (comments open until 1pm GMT on the 15th of January).


5 thoughts on “Good job I like maths!

    1. I can’t help selling myself short, I’m only 5 foot 6! Badum-cha! I will admit to that particular cardigan sketch being my best one to date. Although that isn’t hard to beat my previous (undocumented) efforts!



  1. I like the sketch, too. I’m a decent artist, but my knitting sketches are always a little weird looking to me.

    Your knitted items always turn out to be so great, I can’t wait to see this one a little further along.


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