Well, it’s a start!

Well, it’s a start!

Progress on the first of my 12 in 2011 projects. Not bad really, considering I frogged 210 stitches not once, but twice (due to planning and counting failure), not sleeping properly (3am to 2:30pm is a bit of an odd sleeping pattern, n’est pas?) and being side-swiped by the post-viral-fatigue truck.

I’m making a few fundamental changes to this pattern, primarily knitting it top-down as a cardigan.  It’s not too difficult to do this with a yoked pattern since instead of decreasing, you just increase!  You don’t even need to change the cable chart; you simply turn it upside down (it really works, I promise. Give it a try!)

L: Owl cable R: with side-lighting to show the texture more

I’m also planning on dividing for the fronts/back/sleeves in such a way as to give more ease at the front and also adding short row shaping at the bust.

I’m not sure how much cardigan I’ll get out of the yarn I have so I’m planning on knitting the body first and then making the sleeves, so as to get the best use of the available materials.  I could end up with a cap-sleeved waistcoat or a long-sleeved jacket!

And finally..

I promise to resort to lolcats only in dire emergencies but this just reminded me of MrsDrWho (she is now a three cat household), and I thought she might like it.

funny pictures - Crazy Cat Lady Sprinkle
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5 thoughts on “Well, it’s a start!

  1. I turn charts upside down and backwards too, I don’t see why not!! The Owls are very cute.
    That ‘could’ be MrsDrWho’s house except at the moment the two big cats don’t really want to be in the vicinity of the kitten, then they do, then they don’t!!
    Hope you are feeling better soon, I am in a king of post viral haze too.


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