12 in 2011

12 in 2011

Twelve knitted (or crocheted) items started and completed in 2011.

Overambitious? Yes. Achievable? I’d also say yes. With luck and a following wind, obviously!

My additional challenge is that all the items have to be knit with stash yarn – not a problem!

12 in 2011 mosaic
Top to Bottom, L to R: owls, Radiate, Kerrera, Charlie, Houndstooth mittens, Serpentine socks, Classic Lines, Tudor Stole, Cloud Chaser, Progressive Sock Party, Corelli, Shoru


Want to see my list? Of course you do! (Non-Ravelry links provided where possible but those only on Ravelry denoted with an R)

# indicates free pattern.

Cardigans/jackets (4):

o w l s (R) in Sirdar Denim Chunky (# downloaded when it was free but is now a paid pattern)
Radiate in Lion Brand Cotton Ease #
Classic Lines in Knit Picks Shadow and Shimmer #
Kerrera in Rowan Magpie Tweed

Vest/waistcoats (2):

Cloud Chaser in Sublime Merino Silk DK
Charlie in Phildar Phil’Laine

Shawls/scarves (3)
Shoru (R) in Mean Girls Yarn Club sock yarn
Corelli Crochet-along in Unique Sheep Eos yarn [Starts in early Feb 2011]
Tudor Stole (R) (from Twist and Knit book) in House of Awesome lace

Mittens (1)

Houndstooth Check Mittens in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and Knit Picks Shamrock #

Socks (2)

Serpentine Socks (R) in Zauberball 6ply
Progressive Sock Party (R) in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock and Lawoll #

I’ll set up a page to edit and leave this post for posterity so you can come back and laugh at me! Deal? πŸ˜€


9 thoughts on “12 in 2011

  1. Oh, how exciting!! I love the variety, you shouldn’t e bored. I am hoping t use wool I already have this year too. I have A Lot. The Cloud Chaser looks nice and the colours are so nice,. I shall not laugh.


  2. I love that you have planned it all out down to the yarn & pattern! Awesome! πŸ˜€ I tend to just go all willy-nilly & with whatever strikes me at the time. LOL


  3. I’m going to try to do this, too. Probably won’t get my list up right away, but I’m going to work on it today and tomorrow! I like your plan of pairing the yarn and the patterns, too!


  4. Thanks for the encouragement – I may need it! I decided to organise everything so I wouldn’t get to June and totally forget what I was doing.
    That’s the plan, anyway! πŸ˜€


  5. Looking forward to seeing your progress on that cardigan.

    That looks like my place if you add in an extra cat. I love the sprinkle liberally with cats idea. Duane, however, would not.

    BTW, when my children were home, I had 9 cats.


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