Wrap up

Wrap up

Both literally and figuratively!

The two knitted items I had planned on giving as gifts in December were both knitted, completed and given on the correct dates!
Firstly, a pair of Dashing fingerless mittens for my dad in King Cole Merino Blend Aran from Purl City Yarns

Secondly, a Thorpe ear-flap hat for my brother in King Cole Aero super-chunky from my LYS

Modelled here on Harry for two reasons. 1) it was the only model I had and 2) I know it creeps Sil out and I’m evil! 😀

I’ve not been intensely productive this year for one reason or another so no year-in-review I think.  No New Year Resolutions either, I just have to see what comes my way.

I hope you had the festive period you wanted and, even if you didn’t, that it didn’t suck too badly!  Well, I’ll “see” you on the first of January with news of my crafting plans for 2011! :*


6 thoughts on “Wrap up

  1. I love your model. I wish I had one just like him.

    I made a New Year’s resolution many years ago, not to make anymore New Year’s resolutions. It is the one I’ve been most successful with.


  2. Yes, the model is more than slightly scary!! Glad you finished your knitted gifts on time, that’s a big achievement!! I never make New Year’s resolutions, they are never kept!


  3. Well, I think you have been productive, compared to me, anyway =) I’ve spent all my time thinking about my projects instead of doing them. I love the earflap hats this year. They seem to be everywhere. I like the hand/wrist warmers you have done, as well – funny, I can’t work up my nerve to do a thumb gusset. Odd things that intimidate me.

    Hoping that 2011 is a much more healthy year for you!


  4. How are you getting on with the advent scarf?
    I will attempt to finish it when Jake goes back to school next week and the house is quiet, either that or leave it until advent this year and be ahead ( for a couple of days ;-> )

    Happy New Year
    Sue x


    1. It stalled at the halfway point while I worked on the mitts and hat and I just haven’t had the energy to pick it up yet. Thanks for asking after it, that should give me the impetus to start up again.


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