Reports of my demise …

Reports of my demise …

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I have the ‘flu. One week after I got my vaccination.


Luckily that gap has been long enough for me to only lose one full day to fever and hallucinations as opposed to the two I normally don’t get back!  I’ve had full-blown ‘flu in the summer and I can tell you that is absolutely no fun whatsoever. At least in the winter you have a good excuse for curling up in bed and drinking hot chocolate!

So, I hope to be back to post before the new year with at least two finished items, but I can’t promise anything!

I’m also trying to play catch-up with everyone else’s blog posts so standby!

Oh, and sorry for resorting to lolcats, but I think it’s pretty appropriate!


6 thoughts on “Reports of my demise …

  1. You poor thing, we heard on the news today about the H1N1 raising its ugly head again too. I hope you are feeling in tip top shape for the big day tomorrow, take care. Peri and Gilly send wiggly tail wags to make you well!!


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