Advent of Knitting

Advent of Knitting

Firstly, thank you for the lovely comments on my Broadripple socks (and the shoes!).  I’m not a fast sock knitter but each one really did take me about a week to knit so I’d highly recommend the pattern. With holes or without!

My main knitting focus right now is a knit-a-long.  I know, I know; I don’t have a great track record with any kind of -a-long but I couldn’t resist this one!

Grey. Lace. Lovely!

It’s the Advent Calendar KAL (or Adventskalenderschal) by Kristin Benecken. I’m already half a day/a day/a year behind (delete as appropriate depend on when you read this!) but I hope if I get some simple lace patterns I can catch up!

My favourite day so far is Day 4 – I just love that pattern even though it required a lot of concentration.

My favourite so far.

The yarn I’m using is the same I made my Swan Lake Stole in (back in the mists of 20??).  I’m holding it double (and using 3 mm needles) to make the fabric a little more substantial and it’s working up as a heavy lace/light fingering-weight.  The yarn is still oiled, even after all these years, so it will bloom and soften when I wash it in a metric tonne of soap!


8 thoughts on “Advent of Knitting

  1. Well, you’ll still probably finish before I am up to date with my coin quilt!! I wanted to do this, but had to give it a miss. Such nice lace too.


  2. I think I could probably knit lace…it is SUPPOSED to be full of holes ‘n stuff …right?????
    The only advent calendar I can cope with has chocolates in it!


  3. This is a very intriguing pattern which is what made me decide to attempt this Advent Calender shawl…thus far, I’m having a wonderful time.
    I am determined to get through all of the next few days to next Tuesday when I can share with my knitting group this pattern/my progress.

    Thank you for your time and efforts.


  4. Thank you for putting the picture on your blog, I too am knitting the scarf, and am way behind the drag curve.
    Look forward to seeing more pictures as you go along, (then i can see if i’ve got it right ;-)))


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