I'm cold
Yes, I am wearing two shawls. And a hat. And the central heating's on. Don't judge me!

That’s not bbrrrrrbbbbb because it’s cold (although it is and it has actually snowed now) but Be Right Back.
I’m currently battling;

  • bacteria-infected ears (antibiotic drops and tablets prescribed)
  • a field mouse who decided the kitchen would be a much nicer place to be than in a field (don’t blame it but I’m not a big fan of mouse poop)
  • inattention (I’m trying desperately to focus on just the four WIP right now)

I’ll be back pretty soon with a sock FO (which has been in progress since June!). Ta-ra!


4 thoughts on “BRB

  1. The snow was on the news here. Quite a lot. Hope you can keep warm, that your ears get better (finally) the mouse goes away and you get your attention span back.


  2. We got snow on the mountain a few miles from here. It actually got down to the 20’s last night.

    Um, Butterscotch is a good mouser, I wouldn’t mind lending him out, if I could come too. You wouldn’t want Bootsie, she would make a pet of it and call it George or something.


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