WIP Wed … oh, it’s Friday.

WIP Wed … oh, it’s Friday.

Well, close enough!

I’ve finished The Hat Formally Known As Woollywormhead Mystery KAL Hat B but no photos until I’ve finished Hat A. You may have to wait a while because of this:

Spot the error anyone?

Yes, that’s right.  This is what happens when you knit lace and cables while watching Fringe followed by Wallander.  I’m planning on dropping those stitches down and hooking them back up.  I may need a little hand-holding!

Other knitting has been going well, including Watershed

I'm kind of hoping it will look better once it's on me

And my long-forgotten UnHoly Broadripple socks in Regia Mini Ringel

The bag in the background is a prototype of a box bag which (once I get more zips) will be featured in the Purl City Yarns shop and on Folksy

I ❤ Wool badge not included!

And I also have my next pair of socks lined up and ready to go


First ever Zauberball! 6ply/sport weight

6-ply/Sport-weight Zauberball in PINK!!!! (and also purple) paired up with Serpentine Socks by Wendy Johnson.  Enough interest to make knitting them fun but not so complex that I never finish them.

I think that should keep me out of trouble while I battle with my third cold/virus in a month. Sigh.


3 thoughts on “WIP Wed … oh, it’s Friday.

  1. Good luck with the fixing. I’m too far to hold your hand, my arm won’t stretch that long.

    Everything looks pretty.

    You can’t have 3 colds in a month. It’s the first one coming back around and kicking you again. Hope you feel better and can shake that thing.


  2. Oh we are having horrid coleds and viruses too, I hope you can fend this one off. So much knitting, you would be invisible if you hid under it all!! Damn, that’s a nice hat too, the cables and the rib are cute!!


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