Yes, I can!

Yes, I can!

And I did!  I actually finished the Cerisara cardigan yesterday.  It was 11 pm and I haven’t finished sorting out the fastening, but all the ends were woven in and it got a light blocking over-night.

Of course, the weather is now absolutely miserable (no sniggering from the Southern Hemisphere, please) and the light quality is very poor.

Thursday (tomorrow) isn’t looking much better but I’m going to get my ears swabbed anyway, so I may not be in the best frame of mind to smile and look happy!

Yes, I think I’ve got an ear infection again.

I know.

But I didn’t tell you about the frozen shoulder on Saturday, did I?

As my mum’s GP once said to her “If you were a horse, we’d shoot you”.  (She’s a friend, so it was a joke, not a serious suggestion!)

See you later in the week!

4 thoughts on “Yes, I can!

  1. Good grrracious, Lassie, go and get thee a massage! I wish I was on your continent =( Maybe you should start on some yoghurt in case it’s the yeast again? Or maybe just find some acidophilus in capsules?

    At least you are still knitting and churning out projects like a pro. Can’t wait to see the cardi.


  2. Oh yikes! Too bad you’re feeling like *ss again!

    The sweater pics will be eagerly anticpated 🙂 I do like that pattern very much.


  3. If I could pack up some of my sunshine and mail it to you I would.

    Sorry your feeling crappy. I am too today. Up all night with my hip, then my tooth started so bad I was ready to go the hospital. I finally got that settled down, went for a short walk, came back and my sinuses are on fire. I need to be shot.

    Hope they can make you feel better at the dr.


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