Hat’s enough of hat

Hat’s enough of hat

Will I ever stop with the puns? Probably not!

I was going to wait until I’d finished the second instalment on both Woollywormhead hats, but hat A is taking me longer than I’d thought!  I have to post the following warning

I got a light slap on the wrists for sharing photos of the brims in Ravelry groups so I thought if you’re of a sensitive nature and don’t want to be spoilt, consider yourself forewarned!

I started with hat B (the more simple of the two patterns)

Pretty, isn’t it?

I then picked up hat A (the more complex)

Again, now nice is this?  I’ve got another couple of inches to go on this one and I may even make it before the final clue is released on Wednesday!

I’ve been concentrating on my Cerisara cardigan since it seemed a bit pathetic that I only had one sleeve to finish and I’ve made good progress on it.  So much so that I should be finished today or tomorrow.  Can you stand the excitement?!

Heavens! A sleeve!

I’m now well enough to start working again and I’ve been a fabric-cutting-fiend

Wholesale order for Purl City is now in progress.

You have no idea how relieved I am to be working again.  I hate not being able to do things.  Yeah, I know, I should be used to it by now!


5 thoughts on “Hat’s enough of hat

  1. Wow, people were upset about the ribbing being shown? I wouldn’t have known what it was by those first photos.

    The hats look great. Looking forward to seeing your FO’s.

    Don’t work too hard. No, you never get used to it.


  2. Yay for feeling well enough to work.

    I don’t do KALs because of all the kinds of crazy that go along with them. I deal with crazy everyday at work, I don’t want it in my knitting!

    I must reiterate, that doll freaks me the heck out. It’s way too Chuckie to have in my house. I know you may be too young to know about Chuckie, but you can google 🙂


  3. You rebel, fancy showing…ribbing!!! Some people are easily annoyed. Go one, finish your cardigan, it must soon or already be cool enough to wear it.
    Glad you are feeling well enough to work!!
    I agree with redsilvia, the doll freaks me out, just a little, too.


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