Brim-full of knitting

Brim-full of knitting

Sorry. That’s not very punny is it? I’m just having too much pun with it.

Woollywormhead Mystery KAL first.

Hat A (the more tricky of the two with cables in the brim) worked in Some Assembly Required Not So Light sock-weight in Desert Rose.  Still have another 2″ to go, but you get the idea.

Hat B (the more “simple” of the choices) in King Cole Moods DK

Despite myself, I’ve grown quite fond of twisted rib.

I started (and finished!) a little one-ball cowl for myself in some yarn I’d originally intended for mittens.  Pattern is the Quick Cabled Cowl and the yarn is Wendy Serenity Super Chunky.

More photos and project details here

It felt like knitting with broomsticks after faffing around with 3 mm and 4 mm needles but I did OK!

I’ve also made more progress on Watershed and managed to get a photo in what passes for daylight in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year.  In other words, I turned my daylight lamp on because it was raining. Again.

I’ve been having better days but it’s been an hour-by-hour thing.  Just got to take it slowly!


8 thoughts on “Brim-full of knitting

  1. Rainy cold weather is the best knitting weather (here anyway) Of course we get way too much sun the rest of the year. Anyway… all your knitting progress is looking great (naturally) love the snazzy buttons on the cowl.


  2. woollywormhead’s hats are lways fab , and you have chosen two wondeful colours for hat a and hat b
    sunlight? isn’t that a type of soap?


  3. I wish hats suited me, because I would be whipping them up too. Twisted rib?? You are twisted!! The Watershed is looking fine, I do love the lace pattern and the lovely colours almost striping.
    Sunny, too warm here. We walked at noon and now everyone needs a nap and some have had a dip in the paddle pool!!


  4. As one who used to live in almost continuous rain, your it’s raining, again, made me smile.

    All your knitting is looking good.

    Sometimes you have to take the pain/good moments hour by hour.


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