They always say the essence of good comedy is timing.  So it is when you’re chronically ill (that’s what I meant in last post by “chronic” not, as I learnt from Sil, a smoker of pot!).

I accepted a 20-item wholesale order from the new yarn shop in Manchester, Purl City, and I came down with this weird sore throat/aching limbs/cold thing.  Typical.

Anyway, you’d think that being able to do nothing but watch TV and surf the internets would leave me plenty of time to knit.  Ha!

I’ve not been totally ideal, but I’ve not had much concentration or stamina (things needed for crafting)

Watershed progress - bad photo!
Watershed from a few rows back but showing the pattern a bit better

I have been doing planning though.

Woollywormhead’s now-annual Mystery Hat KAL kicks off on the 1st of November and I’ve pulled yarn out of my stash to knit both variations she’s offering

L: Some Assembly Required in Raspberry Desert Rose Tonal R: King Cole Moods

The pink yarn on the left is for Pattern A (the slightly more intricate of the two) and the red is for Pattern B.  I used the red yarn for last year’s Mystery KAL and I have enough left for this year!

I’ve also been trying to decide what to make a Shoru shawl/scarf out of. [Ravelry link]

Choices for Shoru scarf

Both are Mean Girls Yarn Club, one from the first incarnation and one from the second.  I just can’t seem to make up my mind…

The shawl/scarf is knit side-to-side so you can use every yard of your yarn by increasing to the centre using the first half of your yarn and then decrease from the centre using the remainder of the yarn.

Of course, I’ve promised myself I will finish my Cerisara cardigan, my mum’s chenille cardigan and my entrelac wrist-warmers before starting anything else but …. it’s only a hat/scarf… right?

8 thoughts on “Timing

  1. I’m really liking the looks of Watershed and either of the Mean Girls color ways will look really cool in that pattern – I can see how you’d have a difficult time choosing, though.


  2. I understood what you meant by chronic as a chronic pain person myself. Chronic here would mean Meth or tweaker, back in Western NY state it would mean crack user. Pot smoking is almost normal as beer.

    Arizona is voting on Tuesday to make medicinal marijuana legal, like California already has. It won’t help me, I’m allergic to the stuff makes me headachey and irritable when at concerts and the place fills with the smoke. Ok, more than you wanted to know. LOL!!

    The Watershed looks great. Isn’t it always the way when you get a good order the chronic stuff acts up.

    I really like the yarn on the right best.


  3. Chronic here just means, well, chronic. I think bodies lull people into a false sense of security and then get sick at the most inopportune time. On purpose!!
    Watershed is just so pretty, I love the lace pattern. I saw the KAL, but I just can’t fit in a hat and it’s the wrong weather here too.
    Happy Knitting.


  4. I love your Watershed. That’s on my short list and I even have yarn picked out for it.

    Oh yah… “just” a hat. What’s one more thing on the needles? 🙂


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