FO: Coldharbour Twist plus bonus FO.

FO: Coldharbour Twist plus bonus FO.

Pattern: Coldharbour Twist by Woollywormhead

Yarn/needles: Sublime Organic Cotton DK. Approx 75 g used (180 yds). 4.5 mm circular, used Magic-loop style.

  • Made for my mum who doesn’t like hats “with holes in” because “isn’t a hat for keeping you warm?”.
  • She also has a head of curly hair so the beret shape is perfect for avoiding helmet-hair.
  • Lovely pattern as you would expect from Woollywormhead and I was pleasantly surprised by how the yarn worked up with the texture.

Bonus FO:

Using the remnants of the hat yarn I made myself a cute little crocheted washcloth

Pattern: Lady Marmalade by Shirley MacDonald.

Really fun pattern and works up very fast.

Knew I was running out of yarn fast and so worked the bottom ruffle in a series of trebles (US doubles) instead of as prescribed in the pattern.

Great way of trying new stitches and techniques in a small project.


8 thoughts on “FO: Coldharbour Twist plus bonus FO.

    1. Lol! That’s Harry. My grandfather got him for me when I was very young. Luckily his head is the same size as mine and my mum’s so he makes for a very helpful stand-in!


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