Hello old friend

Hello old friend


Amy runs up to Knitting and gives it a hug.
How have you been? I’ve missed you!

Coldharbour Twist hat

This is a Coldharbour Twist hat (by Woollywormhead) for my mum in Sublime Organic Cotton DK.  I’m really liking how the texture’s coming out in the yarn and it’s not too hard on the old hands, either.

I’m on to the crown decreases so chances are the next time you see this it will be a finished object!

I got some chunky-weight yarn to make some mittens for my mum and myself (my own pattern which I’ll release at some point!).  Guess which colour I’m having!

Chunky yarn for mittens

I also got some lovely fabric and a versatile blouse pattern (with multiple cup sizes – useful!)

Nice, no? Image is "flipped" because I took it with my Macbook camera.

And just the fabric:

Paisley fabric

Not totally sure of the fibre content but it feels like a polycotton blend (polyester for certain because it’s got that “sheen” to it)

I actually bought these items in person from an actual shop because I was in Manchester to meet up with some fellow knitters.  I had a lovely 6 hours of knitting, chatting and shopping but of course I’m now absolutely shattered!  I’m planning on resting for the next few days if at all possible.

And finally…

Thank you for the well wishes towards my grandmother. At one point we really were preparing for the worst but she’s pretty stubborn and is actually making progress (regaining movement and senses on her left side).  Obviously, she will never be “better” but anything that means she is more comfortable is good.


4 thoughts on “Hello old friend

  1. Lovely hat, Amy. I bet knitting missed you as well. A rayon will have a sheen too, but poly cotton is more likely.

    I’m glad to hear you Grandma is on the mend. Lots of therapy the first twelve months after a stroke, they can regain quite a bit that was lost.


  2. Glad your nan is going OK, being comfortable is very important.
    Oh nice hat and I think you will use the purple but should use the green!!!
    Ah, yes, cup sizes, I look out for those patterns too. Sew quickly so I can see what it looks like. I shall keep an eye out for pattern #4182 backwards!!


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