ToT: 10 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

ToT: 10 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

I don’t watch a vast amount of TV these days (health permitting – more ill = more TV to break the boredom) so I’d like to think this list should be easy!

  1. Knit, crochet, sew, bead, … I could have listed these separately, but where’s the challenge in that?
  2. Listen to an audiobook (which you can, of course do at the same time as crafting)
  3. Garden. Even if it’s a dry plastic pot perched on a windy balcony with one barely-clinging-to-life geranium in it, it’s still gardening!
  4. Bird watching.  Again, you can bird watch from practically anywhere and sometimes you get to see falcons nesting in city centres or geese flying over suburbia.
  5. Star-gazing.  Although this is best undertaken in Autumn or Spring (longer nights, but not so cold you get frost-bite) and with minimal light pollution, even without optimal conditions you can still pick out the brightest stars and even a planet or two.  My favourite are meteor storms!
  6. Listen to the radio.  My personal choices are BBC Radio 5live (primarily a news and sports station), Radio 4 (spoken word for drama, documentaries and comedy) and 6Music (erm … music, really!)
  7. Play Facebook games.  What?  Don’t look at me like that.  I’ve always been a gamer.
  8. Watch stuff online.  Well, it’s not really TV, is it?
  9. If you are able, go for a walk. In the winter this can constitute making out onto the back step and in again for me, but I do like a nice wander/meander.
  10. Fire-gazing.  You don’t need a fire, or even a candle, but sometimes your brain just needs to park up for a bit while you gaze of into the middle distance.  To be honest, I’ve found myself doing this while I’m allegedly watching TV, so that’s why I suggested it!

Woah, that was tougher than I thought!  Sorry for the lack of photos this week but I finished this list at 00:20 on Tuesday.  Oops! 😀


6 thoughts on “ToT: 10 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

  1. I won’t judge the facebook games. I play far too much Bejeweled and Scramble to even comment on someone else’s facebook games (and I hide all of the updates, because those are not nearly as interesting as playing).


  2. NOT watch t.v…nope
    Not WATCH t.v….nope not that one either.
    Not watch TV…no…
    Sorry….I tried saying it as may ways as possible but I still don’t understand.


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