Marooned on Sleeve Island

Marooned on Sleeve Island

Doubly so.

The green blob is my mum’s top-down raglan cardigan (in my nemisis, chunky cotton chenille) and the red-tweed blob is my Cerisara cardigan.

The first photo of this cardigan since the end of November 2009. Oops!

I’m working both sleeves on the Chenille cardigan simultaneously in an attempt to shorten my misery (I love my mum but I really hate this yarn).  I have approximately 300g of yarn remaining and I wasn’t sure how much the sleeves would eat up, so I’ve put the body of the cardigan on hold (well, on dental tape actually).

The Cerisara sleeve is going swimmingly if not exactly rapidly.

That’s all the crafting updates I can give now since that’s all I’ve been working on.  Lots of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) laying around and lots of PFOs (Planned Finished Objects) but just the two active projects.


So apart from being crook, I’m fine!

I saw my GP on Wednesday (obviously I sounded sufficiently ill over the phone because she fitted me in despite not having an appointment) and she said my ear infection was back plus I have viral infection in my throat/glands.

Since I seem to have recurrent infections and I haven’t had any blood work since they computerised the system in 2006, I was pricked on Friday.  The words “high blood sugar” and “diabetes” may have been mentioned and to be honest I’ve been a little worried. I’m bracing myself for the “it’s because you’re fat” lecture.

Of course the irony of all this is that I eat a low-fat, low-sugar, mostly organic vegetarian diet high in fibre.  Maybe I should start eating massive cakes and bleeding slabs of meat?

Happier, less gross stuff:

I can’t decided between the purple yarn or the golden yellow yarn for a small shawl by Romi called Maia (from the 7 Small Shawls to Knit ebook) .  I’m leaning towards the yellow (even though it’s not a colour I would normally wear) because the sample was knit in it.  I mustn’t be well; choosing to knit something in the same weight and colour of yarn as the pattern.

I need to lie down!


7 thoughts on “Marooned on Sleeve Island

  1. Purple, of course !
    Hope the bloods come back good. Take of yourself and get better.
    I’m trying to spend more time outside and am taking vit D supplements [half the suggested amount as I am cautious !] and I am feeling stronger and better.
    A little more sunshine would be good.


  2. Knitting someone you really like something in wool you really don’t is a great sacrifice!!!
    I like the yellow because in the lady’s pictures it looks quite green!!!
    Bah humbug, I hope you are getting better soon. Being sick is horrid.


  3. Chenille can be very evil. The yellow *is* pretty in the pictures, but would you actually wear it? Yellow looks weird on us “Winter” colored gals.


  4. You people are not helping me choose my yarn!
    Janine makes a good point about already having lots of purple, but is there such a thing as too much purple?
    The yellow is quite golden IRL, so I may be able to get away with it on my skin-tone.
    Gah! 😀


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