Some decisions are easy

Some decisions are easy

I can agonise over putting the right yarn with the right pattern. It can take me hours, days or, in some cases, years on I still haven’t found The One.

Finding the perfect pattern for the Rico yarn I blogged about last week didn’t take that long.

I tried it with an entrelac scarf pattern first and while the technique lends itself to striping yarn, it didn’t work with this one (colour change was too long).

I then went looking for one of those multidirectional scarf patterns that were all the rage when I first started knitting. And I found one.

With the help of Working Girl (boy, that was some BIG hair!) and a little insomnia I started knitting on Friday evening:

and on Sunday evening, I finished!

Monday I added fringing:

No modelled shots because I look a grim at the moment.  A vertigo attack (dizziness) combined with giant swollen neck glands doesn’t lend itself to making very pretty photos!

Pattern: Multidirectional Scarf by Karen Baumer [Ravelry Project Page]

Yarn and needles: Rico Creative Poems Aran (100% new wool) colour 003.  Used all of 2 x 50g balls (approx. 200m total).  5 mm bamboo straights.  Purchased from Black Sheep (no affiliation, just a very satisfied customer)

Size: 4″ wide by 50″ long without fringe and 58″ with fringe.


8 thoughts on “Some decisions are easy

  1. It is the exact perfect pattern. I love the colours and the way they fall and especially the fringe. Hope you are less James Stewart and Kim Novak soon.


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