ToT: 10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip

ToT: 10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip

My parents used to take my brother and me camping quite a lot when we were younger but I haven’t been under canvas in a very long time.
My list assumes you’ve got the basics like a tent, cooking equipment, a rucksack and a sleeping bag.

  1. Head torch.  Hands-free to allow you to work in the dark and essential for those midnight trips to the loo!
  2. A small crochet or knitting project.  I know it didn’t really need to be said since I think most people reading this would have packed that first, right?
  3. Plastic bags (various sizes).  Large ones for shoes and clothes, medium sized ones for sandwiches and tiny ones for toiletries, these always come in handy.
  4. A repair kit.  My lives in a mint tin and is permanently packed and ready to go.  I have velcro, webbing, a lighter, a small crochet hook (not just for crochet!), plaited thread, a blunt and sharp needle, some safety pins and some spare buttons.
  5. A mircrofibre towel/cloth.  Essential for drying damp hair but so useful for rolling damp laundry in to squeeze excess moisture out, speeding up the drying process.
  6. A small battery-powered radio.  I have one with FM, AM and LW so I can keep in contact with the world at large and the cricket in particular!
  7. A large square/rectangle of cotton fabric.  It can be a sarong, a dress, head covering, shawl, a windbreak, sunshade, shelter, picnic blanket …
  8. Loo roll. ’nuff said.
  9. Maps.  Whether the good old paper kind or new fangled GPS it’s kind of nice to know where you are or where you’re going!
  10. A little luxury.  It could be your favourite moisturiser, a cuddly toy or a games console, but I always take something less-than utilitarian!

11 thoughts on “ToT: 10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip

  1. I hate camping: too many snakes and lizards and ants and beetles and then the marsupials leaping about. Pointy spiky grass, floods, swamps- it’s all too, too horrid!!
    I’m a day tripper!!!
    You are ever so prepared!!


    1. Well the thing about this country is we only have two kinds of snake and only one of those is a tiny bit poisonous. More likely to get trench foot than attacked by wildlife here!


  2. If I went camping I’d have to bring so much I’d not get out of the car. Clearly we never ever camped as children. Ever. Good luck with the camping trip and enjoy yourself. I’ll be back at the hotel if you need me…


  3. Camping…surely you jest.
    1. Sleeping on the ground where EVERYTHING can walk over you.
    2.Sleeping on the frigging ground and don’t gimmie that …oh here is a camping sleeping mat/lilo/camp bed… crap!
    3. Outdoor toileting…nuff said
    4. Tents smell like rubber….too fetishist for me!
    5. Actually…not nuff said about number 3….OUTDOOR TOILETING – what are you thinking??????? I’m thinking…”what was that? Who was that? Has someone already used this bush? Who is looking? Hope I don’t fall over. Hope my knees don’t lock in place? Is that a spider/snake/bug/poisonous plant?
    6.Camp is a 4 letter word for a reason
    7.Sleeping bags…with sand/dirt/insects or someone else in them
    8. Drive 100s of KMs (miles) to live on the ground and be close to nature…sod that for a joke. Nature is in the backyard too.
    9. Again…NUMBER 3 and also NO SHOWERS
    10. All of this is to be contended with…as well as your family.

    Camping… couldn’t pay me to go!


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